Case Studies

415K => 1.7M in ~90 days

Backstory on this client: A client in the sports supplement niche. Initial sales were at 415K, with an spend of 67K. Although the brand was making profits, they didn’t have a strategy to nurture cold prospects or re-engage past purchasers. By placing focus improving the funnel and segregating the audience, we were able to micro target prospects with tailored messages through ads depending where they were in the funnel and how well they knew the brand. Thus showing them the right message at the right time enabled us to take the brand to 1.7M in sales with an ad spend of 247K and a ROAS of 7X.

what it's like working with us

Backstory on this client: He runs a brick and mortar gym ( that features an online training platform as well. ARR went from 350K to close to 500K gross. All with 1 single operator and us!