ECommerce Growth Partners with Skin in the Game

You don’t need a marketing agency. You need a partner that focuses on the health of your entire business and treats your business like it’s theirs. We are the only agency who doesn’t charge our clients a single cent until we deliver profitable results. We are a 100% performance based agency + we sometimes invest our own $ into our client’s businesses.

some of the clients we have worked with...

What We Do For You, We Do for US

Marketing Consultation

One hour per week with an experience business and marketing strategist - we review any emails, ads, websites or strategies you need, provide feedback, answer and of your questions.

These can include:

Creative Direction
Ad Account Audits
Retention Consulting
Operational Consulting

Good fit for:
Hands-on business owners who like to run their own show, or those that have a dedicated marketing team, looking for guidance from an expert.

Paid social

Full-funnel and service includes:
TikTok + Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

Creative Assistance (rooted in analytics)
Technical Support
CRO Recommendations

Email Copywriting + Sms

Full funnel email strategy, post-purchase funnels including copy, design and technical support.

Includes Foundational Flows
Personalised SMS.
Post-purchase funnels

no need for complexity

Time to stop spending and start earning.

We eliminate the risk for you and guarantee results

At Cosmic Digital we’re driven by the results that you receive. We’re big believers in having skin in the game, having developed, grown and invested into online businesses ourselves. No “I’ve been burnt in the past” conversation that all founders have. You do not pay us a single cent until we actually deliver profitable results. We are a 100% performance based agency. We guarantee a consistent thought framework that focuses on your bottom line.

Convert Complete Strangers into Lifetime Customers At Severe Scale

When it comes to scaling any eCommerce business to multiple 6, 7 and 8 figures, the number one thing you ought to have is adverts that strike a nerve within your ideal customer. It always comes down to the copy, creative and the offer. This is how we are able to routinely generate unmatched results for our clients because we leverage expertly written copywriting and we work 1-1 with our clients on ensuring their offer is one that their ideal customer cannot refuse. This is the only way you will be able to convert complete strangers into lifetime customers at scale. Without the below formula, you’ll be unprofitable.

Copy + Creative + Offer = a 7 or 8 figure business.

Retain and increase Customer Lifetime Value

You’ve got a great client acquisition strategy and it’s working – but you’ll need a retention plan to increase CLTV. After all, there are 3 main ways of growing a business: 1) increase the number of customers 2) increase the frequency of customers purchasing and 3) increase the average order value of each purchase. All while doing this at the cheapest cost.

Here we use email marketing and SMS to work on #2 and #3. The gold in eCommerce lies in superior follow-up. It is after all easier to sell to a customer who has bought or is familiar with your brand than a customer who has no idea who you are. Accelerate LTV through list building, high-impact automations and ongoing campaigns.

our process


No strategy can be devised without effectively diagnosing where issues lie. This is where we gain a “lay of the land”. We dig deep into your brand take a close look at your data to understand what is and what isn’t working and where new opportunities lie.

Strategic planning

Before we spend $1 on ads, we take you through our proprietary framework that lays the foundation for driving your business to becoming a 7 or 8-figure powerhouse brand.

Establishing Foundations

Just like a building a house, you first need to ensure the foundations are set. We ensure all your integrations, tracking and analytics are set up correctly, so we can make reliable data-driven decisions when that flood of traffic we plan to send comes your way.

Go To market

Once we have all the details and the foundations set, we publish the first iteration of ads. This is where we start to collate data and make data-driven decisions on what is and isn’t working. Equipped with this knowledge, we can then launch new iterations that are 2-4x more profitable and scalable. Whilst we are implementing this iterative feedback loop, we’re simultaneously building the structured paid traffic funnel which enables us to seamlessly take a prospect down a specifically tailored path (Top of Funnel down to Bottom of Funnel) which ultimately has the end goal of the prospect buying.

ramping & scaling

We’re now above target KPIs. We have your revenue targets and understand your required growth curves based on performance and available inventory - it’s time to start increasing ad spend to drive your brand towards its revenue goals.



who is this for?

who this is not for

Other things to note:

Schedule a call

Meet to learn more. Identify challenges & opportunities. Determine if we're a match

propose a solution

Take what we heard. Conduct an audit. Review proposed strategy

Work Together

Create digital campaigns. Execute the campaigns. Monitor and optimise those campaigns

grow & scale your business

More customer, more sales, more profit, more $$$.

who we are

kamil rasip-graf

Kamil is the creative and entrepreneurial spirit behind Cosmic Digital. Having lost over $30K in a failed supplement eCom business, he made it a driving focus to learn about paid advertising.

That led to him generating over $420k in lead value from $2k in ad spend for a home improvement client. A 210x ROAS. He got hooked and then grew his business solely on referrals. Now, he seeks to help more businesses profit using solid marketing, sales and accounting strategies and tactics. So ecommerce owners can spend more time enjoying life on what’s meaningful for them and make greater impact.

In a past life, he spent his time doing web development projects and was also a corporate finance bunny sitting in a cubicle for General Electric.

toby osmond

Toby was the ex-CEO of, the largest e-commerce hobby story on the internet that boasts traffic four times higher than any of its competitors. This coupled together with HobbyKing’s global warehouse network made it the fastest growing company in the R/C industry for the last eight years.

Toby joined HobbyKing in 2011 when it was medium-sized business averaging 1500 orders per day. Upon being CEO, Toby grew the business to 9000+ orders per day. AOV increased from $50 to $150, overhead costs were lowered through cost efficiencies such as outsourcing and improved logistics, and lowered customer acquisition costs made possibly by creative marketing tactics and targeted advertising campaigns that increased brand awareness that made Hobby King the global leader in a $5b industry.

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Free 30-Minute Discovery Session

By the end of this Discovery Session, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent and reliable results online with paid advertising.

Find a time on Kamil’s calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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TL:DR - why gamble with your digital advertising?

“I’m tired of sales stagnating, throwing money at digital ads that don’t work. I want a comprehensive strategy & plan thats grows our business and hits our targets. I want the process to be something I and my team can learn from. Freeing time up for us to focus on the things we’re best at while we leave marketing in the hands of an expert – one that generates moola!”

We got you!

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